Quad-Axle Frame Type

Quad-Axle Frame Type

The Travis® Quad-axle frame type trailer was designed to be Federal Bridge law legal for 80,000 lbs. GVWR, and haul a payload of 26-28 tons, depending on truck weight.

We did it by putting 4 axles under a 26' trailer, and when coupled with a truck with 206" wheelbase, we were able to achieve an allowable 80,000 lb. gross vehicle weight rating.

We have sold hundreds of these 10,500 lb. trailers for many different applications including:

  • Asphalt Paving. The ultra-stable frame-type keeps the back of the trailer level for dumping into a spreader. The short, compact trailer is very maneuverable, and the narrow, insulated (optional) box keeps the load hot.
  • Dirt/Excavation Hauling. This trailer will run circles around a dump truck. Its 80,000 legal capacity* will increase the payload by tons and tons more than any dump truck, regardless of axle configuration. Plus, when you aren't using it for dirt, or asphalt, or material stockpiling, you can disconnect it and use your truck with any other trailer, increasing versatility dramatically.

The less than 11,000 lb. Quad-axle frame type uses a Primary tandem air ride suspension at the back, and 2 auxiliary Travis® T-lite air ride, liftable suspensions ahead. These auxiliary suspensions are rated for less capacity than typical auxiliary trailer suspensions, but we purposefully designed them to carry a light load as the primary suspension could handle all the weight if needed, but the 2 super lightweight auxiliary suspensions are needed for compliance the bridge law, and according to a majority of the states, they do comply. We have written confirmation from about 40 states.

We also have references that can confirm the benefits of this trailer, and the tough design that is holding up, even in tough conditions.

Adding even more value, the smooth sides of the Wave® style trailer also add dramatically to your fuel economy versus post sided trailers, or bodies.

Talk about solutions… Travis® has them.