The Mule

The MuleThe Mule

Travis introduces its newest addition, The MULE, a horizontal discharge asphalt trailer. This product is perfectly suited for the asphalt industry.

The MULE has been tested extensively with asphalt companies in Houston, and was introduced to the Asphalt Industry at the 2006 World of Asphalt Show in Orlando, FL.

The MuleThe Mule

The 28' long, extremely maneuverable 4-axle trailer is legal for 80,000 lbs gross in at least 37 states. The weight is a remarkable 10,998 lbs. This includes the 2-Travis T-Lite auxiliary air suspensions, the V-Floor – Walking Floor System and the Tarp! This is about 3 tons less than a 42' belt trailer. The typical payload should be about 27 tons, a dramatic payload for such a small 28' package. This is assuming a tractor weight of 15,000 lbs.

The MuleThe Mule

The fuel saving, aerodynamic smooth sides are also hollow-walled extrusions, filled with 2.5" insulation as standard equipment, keeping temperature loss barely measurable.

The 28' trailer is only 76" wide, helping to keep the load hot longer, and the 27.3 cubic yard capacity is more than ample to carry 27 tons of asphalt.

The Mule

The horizontal discharge eliminates trailer turnovers and allows paving on banked roads, under power lines, bridges, trees, in tunnels or tight areas. The hydraulic floor system is run by a pump and is powered by the trucks transmission through a PTO. Mule Trailer The floor also runs in reverse, allowing the load to be dropped in multiple locations.

Yet another asphalt option is our 28' 4-axle dumping trailer that weighs about 10,500 lbs., also based on our patented Wave design.

More Information

The Mule The standard air-operated high-lift tailgate gets up and out of the way of the paving machine. Another benefit is the versatility of the MULE to stockpile sand and gravel, windrow or haul millings. Unlike a dump body it can uncouple from the truck allowing the tractor to pull other trailers.

The Mule The rugged V-Floor system from Keith Mfg, Co. is made of thick aluminum slats, separated by UHMW plastic. The floor unloads the trailer cleanly, assisted by the Keith "CleenSweep Tarp", also standard equipment.

The Mule The method of unloading, with reciprocating slats cleans out the load quickly, at a rate that can be controlled at the back of the trailer, or inside the cab of the truck, and does so without using belts, or having to raise the trailer in the air.

The Mule The walking off of the load, as opposed to dumping it, allows a complete cross section to exit at once, reducing segregation of the load common in dump trucks. The MULE requires minimal maintenance compared to belt trailers.

The Mule Bulkhead returning to front of empty trailer.

Other Asphalt Solutions

The Mule The MULE is also available in a 34' tri-axle model, and a 39' tandem. Both of these versions will still weigh tons less than the typical belt trailer. Another asphalt solution is our ALL ALUMINUM Wave bottom dump, that weighs in at 10500 lbs, (for a 39' length), and can weigh less than 10,000 lbs, with some available lightweight options.