Wave® Applications

The following describes the Wave® as it applies to selected commodities.

Sand, Dirt and Gravel:

The Wave

It is estimated that 60% of all end dumps are purchased to haul sand and gravel only and that many of these trailers never haul anything else. For this dedicated class of trailers, the design criteria is simple: The trailer needs a capacity of 30 to 33 cubic yards. It needs to be as light as possible but durable in the long run. The trailer should be able to resist abrasion. Dump stability is critical. A variety of tarps must be compatible. Liners will be frequently requested.

The Wave® provides all of the above. We can taper the floor so that the rear is slightly wider than the front. Along with our wide mounted draft arms, the trailer will be stable when dumping. For these longer end dump trailers, the rigidity of the Wave® body greatly improves dump stability by reducing body twist. At a predetermined cubic capacity, the trailer will be very light. Bonus features: The smooth outer wall reduces wind drag and increases fuel economy. Dings from the occasional load of larger rock won't show on the outside. With the Wave® you also get our superior tailgate seal, perfected coupler plate, trouble-free sub-frame and suspension, and all of the other tested and proven Travis® standard specifications.


The Wave

End dumps that are used in asphalt operations are typically shorter and are either configured as frame-type or quarter-frame units (to keep the rear height above a typical spreader box). A critical issue is heat loss that limits the time and trip distance from loading to unloading.

With its dual wall design, the Wave® has a dead air space and has better insulating properties than traditional designs. Even more exciting is the fact that the walls and tailgate can be insulated. Travis® has identified several heat resistant insulation materials that can be installed within the hollow Wave® tube. As mentioned earlier, all configurations are available for the Wave®. By using Travis®' special air-operated, hinged apron design the asphalt operator will also be able to comply with Federal rear under-ride laws.

The trailer shown here is our Wave® quad frame-type. This 4-axle unit is specially designed to haul asphalt, and is legal in more than 30 states for 80,000lbs., even considering its 26' length. With its super light weight of less than 11,000 lbs., including a tarp, most of our customers are carrying 25 tons of asphalt, dramatically increasing their efficiency over dump trucks, or heavy belt unloading-trailers. It accomplishes this while still retaining dump stability at 26 feet in overall length, and the 15" all aluminum I-beam full frame which keeps all the tires on the ground throughout the entire dump cycle, and keeping the back end of the trailer level for dumping into an asphalt machine. The dual wall is also perfect for insulating, a low-cost, virtually weightless option. The front 2 axles are Travis®' own design, and add carrying capacity with a very low cost and weight addition.

This trailer is also well suited for hauling the raw materials to the plant, and being a separate semi-trailer offers flexibility for the truck to pull other trailers when necessary.

Sludge, Liquid Loads, Rendering:

The Wave

The key to hauling sludge, and other fluid payloads is that the trailer should be able to withstand the increased dynamic forces from a constantly shifting load, maintain a water tight seal, and not be excessively heavy.

Travis® Body & Trailer is familiar with sludge hauling applications. Our Classic trailer has been the product of choice for many repeat buyers due to its' heavy-duty design and years of evolutionary improvements. When the Wave® design team went to the drawing board, we had one mandate. It had to as strong as our traditional sheet and post design. By separating the inner and outer walls by 2.5", we were able to meet that goal. In addition, we incorporate our strongest floor and lower rail design into the Wave®. Bottom line, the Wave® is liquid compatible (as the name would infer). Our customers will also be pleased to note our unmatched rubber tailgate seal (EPDM rubber).

These trailers are samples of our ability to customize the Wave® to suit specific needs. The doubles were built for a Rendering company for a particular application and the slope nose quarter-frame for another unique customer request. But almost all of our innovations come with large payloads and a decreased fuel cost.

Agricultural Products and Lightweight Commodities

The Wave

Agricultural applications vary from operator to operator. Payloads range from lightweight rice hulls to grain, corn or even melons. The seasonality of most farming operations require that the trailer be versatile so that it can serve other off-season purposes.

As described the Wave® is strong, light and has increased internal volume. The special floor design will even accept forklift loading so that palletized loads can be shipped. Hauling lightweight commodities requires increased cubic volume and a taller trailer. The Wave® will optimize the ratio of cubic yards to side height. Yet, at higher side heights, the increased aerodynamics of the Wave® will be of even greater value to the operator. The smooth outer wall is also easier to keep clean, an important image booster for the agricultural community.

The Wave® trailer shown has a capacity of over 70 cubic yards. With virtually any combination of length, side height and body width, we can get the capacity you need for your haul. Just tell us what you want to transport, and the weight per cubic foot or yard, and we can help you design the trailer suited perfectly for your job.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW):

Hauling trash from transfer stations is accomplished using either tipper trailers or live floor trailers. The challenge is to achieve the greatest amount of cubic volume with the lightest possible trailer but at the same time be durable enough to survive a destructive environment. To meet bridge laws, these trailers must be long and tall. At these side heights and given the distance of high speed hauling traveled, the increased fuel economy from lower wind resistance is of greatest importance. Customization is crucial as each operating facility has individualized needs.

The Wave® is available in either a tipper or live floor. The Wave® meets the tradeoff between strength and weight. While similar to the weight of traditional sheet and post designs, the Wave® increases the cubic capacity and provides for optimal aerodynamics. Certain operators of the larger transfer trailers have reported fuel savings over 10% after converting to a smooth sided trailer. As for strength, the extruded tubes have better abrasion resistance than typical sheet material. While dents are inevitable, they will not be apparent on the thinner, outer wall. For the waste hauler, Travis® incorporates a larger, thicker top rail than the smaller end dump trailer. Travis® Trailers has a vast array of capabilities to customize the trailer from various tailgate setups to different tarps, cat walks, ladders, lights, rear bumpers, etc. We even offer our own proprietary hydraulic flip tarp system that is second to none.