Classic® Heavy Duty Aluminum End Dumps

With all of the new models and special application trailers these days, we had to name our time tested heavy-duty model the Classic®. This heavy-duty aluminum end dump trailer is light, durable and versatile. This is the widely accepted design that not only put Travis® on the map but made us the leader in the dump trailer industry.

That is not to say that the Classic® has not been updated with improvements over the years. By tracking older trailers from the 70's and 80's and listening closely to customers, Travis® has fine tuned the Classic® for even greater performance. The aluminum trailer incorporates our SST™ TECHNOLOGY that makes it unmatched by any of the competition.

In addition to our structural advantages, Travis® has made significant inroads into flexible manufacturing. For us it means that we can build a wide variety of trailers on a single assembly line without the loss of production efficiency. For our customers, it means that they can get exactly what they want, in a timely fashion, and without paying "custom trailer" prices.

When perusing through the long list of available options you will find optional body shapes (narrow, wide, tapered, short & tall), a variety of sheet thickness', many different suspension configurations and axle spacing, a multitude of add on items (tarps, liners, tool boxes, cat walks, extra lights, gate configurations, plumbing options, etc.), as well as upgrades on tires, wheels, landing gear and more. As indicated above we also offer the popular quarter-frame and frame-type configurations. The section on SPECIAL APPLICATIONS further details our ability to meet almost any specific customer requirement.