ALUMATECH® Specifications

While much of the trailer is the same as its predecessor, several important areas have been improved, redesigned or updated, including:

Aluminum Sub-frame

The critical front end of the subframe has been lengthened over 22% and has had over 250 pounds of excess steel removed.

Coupler Plate

Upgraded to T-1 steel, and the upper and lower saddles have been enlarged from a 4" to 5" radius.

Drop Legs

The all aluminum drop legs are now mounted on the draft arms, a safer and sturdier design.

Draft Arms

The connection of the draft arm to the center of the body has been dramatically strengthened.


Latches now lock "over-center" like all Travis trailers:

  • The tailgate cylinders have been relocated to a protected area
  • The tailgate top-hangers have been upgraded to match Travis standards
  • The gate is rubber-sealed with Travis' proprietary snap-in design

Hoist support tubes are now super thick ¾" extruded channels.

  • The top rail connection to the nose has been redesigned eliminating the old pipe braces.