Wyoming Double

The aluminum bottom dump is available as a tandem, tri-axle or spread axle, in lengths from 37' to 42'; and in combinations, such as California Doubles, or trains commonly used in the west and northwest, utilizing a lead trailer, a converter dolly and a pup (or pull) trailer.

The trailer is loaded with standard features, such as:

  • Front and rear aluminum fenders
  • Aluminum subframe
  • Aluminum shed plates (or slope plates)
  • Aluminum air reservoirs
  • Aluminum gates with composite cylinders
  • Infinitely adjustable electric valve
  • Sloped, aerodynamic hopper sides
  • Front steps and handrails
  • 24 cubic yard payload capacity
  • Rocking upper coupler
  • Removable, Aluminum drop legs
  • UHMW plastic windrow deflectors and gate seals