Wave® Polished

The base trailer, 39' length, with steel wheels in the standard dual configuration, and 24.5 tires, weighs approximately 10,500lbs. With aluminum super singles and Duralite hubs/centrifuse drums, the weight drops to approximately 9,650lbs. These 2 weight saving options save almost 900lbs, and add less than $2,100.00 to the cost, including F.E.T. The hopper opening at top is 91" wide, by 19' long. The hopper design features .160 (5/32") aluminum sheet, and .250 (1/4") aluminum chute ends and sides, and .250 (1/4") aluminum gate sheets. The hopper ends are sloped at a 48" angle, and the sides are sloped outward by 12 degrees from vertical. The side sheet is 60" high, and the trailer stands approximately 10' off the ground. The gate has 14" of ground clearance, and measures 106" x 50".

While the base unit is loaded with standard features, we do still offer some options, such as:

  • Air ride suspensions (tandem, tri-axle, spread axle)
  • Aluminum duals, or supersingles
  • Aluminum or Duralite hubs, Centrifuse (or X12) drums
  • Push bumper
  • Top boards for extra capacity
  • Thicker hopper sheets
  • Larger hopper and gate, both approximately 3 feet larger, increasing base capacity by 4.8 yards
  • Increased side height, from 60" standard, to 69", increasing base capacity by 4 yards
  • Tarps of any type desired, from any manufacturer