Mission Statement

"Become a growing, nationally known, diversified trailer manufacturing company by concentrating on value priced, quality products, innovation and customer service."


QUALITY: Based on pride of workmanship with no compromises due to economics.

PRICING: Reflect top quality while being very competitive in the market place.

PRODUCTION: Maintain high efficiency with flexible processes to allow for custom work. Production must be engineered to maximize quality and may at times dictate product designs. On time deliveries.

PERSONNEL: Create an environment for low employee turnover, incentive based pay structures, team problem resolution, consistent, fair policies, known performance expectations, career opportunities at all levels, good benefits, safety conscious, equal opportunity, continuing education and, most importantly, the knowledge that the only real job security is customer satisfaction.

PURCHASING: Use top quality, branded products. Maintain safety stocks. Treat vendors as if they were an extension of in house production.

ADVERTISING: Never exaggerate claims on products or service performance. Do not make hollow promises. Use media as a means of delivering factual, substantiated information.

MARKETING: Maintain consistent brand identity or image for all products. Do not use negative campaigns toward competition, rather, focus on real comparisons.

SALES: Focus on communication based on listening to the customer rather than mere deal making to get a quick sale. Treat today's sale as tomorrow's opportunities. This means not being afraid to say no, we can not meet your application, when appropriate.

DISTRIBUTION: National geographic presence with contact to customers made at convenient locations. Maintain consistent long term dealers and distributors by maintaining contractual integrity with territories and nurturing a two-way, win-win, relationship with clear expectations for both parties. Use direct sales in key regional markets and as a support to dealers in their markets (joint calls). Provide training opportunities to improve technical knowledge of all sales people. Maintain up to date and informative dealer materials.

WARRANTY: Be quick to react, respectful and willing to do what it takes. Set fair and clear limits of coverage then treat each incident as a sales opportunity. Always communicate problems to the rest of the team in order to reduce repeat occurrences.

R & D: Reinvest profits consistently over time. Focus on solving un-met customer needs.

ENGINEERING: Remain close to the state of the art. Focus on customer feedback and information. Field test and use outside consultants when appropriate.

PLANNING: Dedicate time to plan and coordinate at all levels in the company.

GROWTH: Patience. Do not grow for the sake of growth. Growth should not compromise customer interactions and service.

FINANCE: Do not gamble by excessive use of leverage (debt).

INSURANCE: Maintain adequate coverage for product liability, contents injury, etc. Do not bet the farm for a few dollars saved.

MANAGEMENT: Team players willing to roll up sleeves. Low emphasis on titles. Open doors.